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6 Best Reasons for a Good Baby Play Mat

“Do we REALLY need a good baby play mat??” – no doubt, a frequently asked question by many, especially first time parents in anticipation of a newborn.

As this is our first blogpost, here’s a brief recap as to who we are in case you don’t already know our story. We’re GingerBubs, a Malaysian based brand founded by a mother of two (a.k.a me, the writer) who loves shopping and more often than not, ends up buying things that look pretty (& expensive) but not so practical or functional (don’t we all?). And since becoming a mother, her love for shopping has shifted largely to children products. Hence, here at GingerBubs, we aspire to bring you quality children products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Now, back to the topic “Do we REALLY need a good baby play mat??” – no doubt, a frequently asked question by many, especially first time parents in anticipation of a newborn. What’s more, is it REALLY WORTH investing in one? Can I just get a cheaper one? The baby won’t know the difference. Well, from my experience, I would really recommend investing in a good baby play mat (trust me, you REALLY need it) as it has been so useful in many ways. Read on and let me know if you’re convinced at the end of the post.

#1 Explore And Achieve Developmental Milestones

I believe that a baby play mat is the first playground for babies to explore and achieve early developmental milestones. Babies and children, especially infants, spend a large amount of their time exploring and playing on the floor. The major role of a play mat would be to aid in gross motor development.

One example of developmental milestone exercises would be tummy time – shown to be beneficial for gross motor development. Tummy time involves babies being on their tummies (prone position as the name suggests) with the aim of strengthening core muscles and this is best done on a firm surface, ie a foam playmat. Doing this directly on the floor might risk babies hitting their heads against the hard floor (I’ve been there before, or rather my daughters’s head’s been there before #momguilt) while a soft surface (ie: bed/mattress) is not ideal nor safe for tummy time.

There are so many more activities to do with your little ones on the baby play mat to promote development – this short post won’t be enough!

#2 Protection For Your Tots

With a good baby play mat, your little ones can explore and play safely within the large mat space. You don’t have to worry about them hurting their heads on the floor, injuring knees or hands when they’re learning to crawl or walk. Put the play mat in a play pen and you’ve got a relatively safe environment for them to learn through play.

#3 Bonding And Interaction

The play mat is the perfect place for you to get down to your bub’s level and interact. Getting down to your child’s level creates better eye contact, hence better engagement.

#4 Designed For The Whole Family

As your children grow, the baby play mat can be used for many family bonding activities such as story time, playing board games on the mat (our family SNAP! game hurts less when played on the mat 😉), gym time and even nap time on the play mat! A good baby play mat can also double as a yoga or exercise mat at home, especially for expecting moms or postnatal mommas. Really, the playmat is for the whole family!

#5 A Good Baby Play Mat Grows With Your Child

A good baby play mat can last you and your family for years, way beyond infancy. With the play mat, older children can play rough, roll and tumble safely. My children use their play mat for almost everything, from fixing jigsaw puzzles, building Lego, to make-believe teatime with dolls.

good baby play mat boy reading on it

#6 Get A Play Mat Instead Of A Carpet

Say GOODBYE to allergies and dust when you get a good playmat instead of a carpet! Especially for children with allergic rhinitis or asthma, carpets can be a health hazard as they trap dust and some material itself is allergenic. Our GingerBubs play mats are made of PU foam – non toxic, non allergenic and non dust trapping.

An added bonus – GingerBubs play mats come in minimalist designs to complement your homes, whether you choose to place it in the living room or the children’s playroom / bedroom. Better yet, just flip our play mats over to switch up the look altogether!

SO, there you have it, some of the many reasons why you need a play mat in your home! And if you’re now planning to get one, head on over to www.gingerbubs.my to get our versatile GingerBubs play mat today!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next post – #Finding the Right Play mat – coming soon!

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