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Baby Play Mat | The Ultimate Super Guide For Parents

During our early days of parenthood, me and my husband were clueless about baby play mats. We knew we needed one but we struggled to find the right one.

Choosing The Right Baby Play Mat Is Essential

I was not aware back then which materials were considered safe, how thick should the baby play mat be, and needless to say, not aware that aesthetically pleasing mats were even an option. I’m sure some of us here have at least owned one brightly coloured ABC/cartoon mat that clashes with all the furniture in the room. Well, I had one and by the end of a year or so, the mat started peeling and the inner foam was all exposed. To make matters worse, I found out later on that the mat was made of PVC material which is toxic.

During our search for the right baby play mat, it was actually difficult to find one that ticked all our boxes. You’ll be surprised how limited the options were a few years back, and literally none that was local. Even now. Sure, we have multiple baby play mat brands available abroad which are sold via a 3rd party or local platform – which meant it was costly (some went up to RM900 plus or even a thousand! 😱). Honestly, to buy it from the brand directly would be cheaper but then again – the shipping cost, high exchange rate, long shipping time, oh the hassle!

What we really wanted, a baby play mat that was:

  • Made from safe, non toxic material
  • Durable to last us at least a few years
  • Anti-slip to prevent falls
  • Easy to clean
  • Firm enough to provide support for crawling and walking
  • Affordable of course
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Hence, here at Gingerbubs, we bring you the perfect playmat for you and your tots – one that checks all the right boxes as above – minus the hassle!

And because we’ve struggled as first time parents, we want to help ease your journey in finding the right play mat, not just for your little ones, but also for your home. Especially for expecting mothers and mothers of newborns, I hope our GingerBubs play mats and the quick table below comparing different mat materials, will save you some time, effort and money (we know mothers could use more of these).

baby play mat super guide comparison table


As shown above, our GingerBubs play mats are made of PU material coated with biodegradable TPU film – non toxic and certified safe following the child safety standards of European EN71 and CSPIA USA toy standards. So, mommas, you can be rest assured that our mats are of premium quality but made affordable for you.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the play mat best suited for your family, whichever that may be. Once again, thank you for reading and stay tuned for our next discussion on tummy time! Find out if you’ve been doing it right, when to start tummy time and more.

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