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GingerBubs vs. Parklon Baby Play Mat : The Malaysia Play Mat Showdown

As parents, we strive to create the safest and most stimulating environment for our little explorers. A vital component of this environment is the playmat, a simple yet significant piece that cradles your child’s first attempts to crawl, the countless tumbles as they learn to walk, and the myriad adventures they embark upon with their vivid imaginations.

Head to Head : GingerBubs vs. Parklon Baby Play Mat

Today, we’re putting two of Malaysia’s favorite play mats in the spotlight: the GingerBubs playmat and the Parklon baby play mat, specifically the La Pure collection. Let’s delve into the fine details to determine which one could be the cornerstone of your child’s play area. If you’re wondering why a baby play mat is a must have for your little ones, click here to find out more!

Parklon’s La Pure Play Mat
GingerBubs Tessera Play Mat

Size and Portability

Size does matter when it comes to playmats. The GingerBubs playmat offers a spacious area measuring 140cm by 200cm, providing ample room for toys, books, and even playmates. Weighing in at just 5kg, it’s lightweight enough to be easily moved around as needed – a feature that modern, dynamic families will appreciate.

The Parklon baby play mat is slightly more compact, measuring 130cm by 190cm. It’s 40% heavier, with a weight of 7kg, making it more suitable if the playmat is to be placed in a permanent location. If you’re envisioning a dedicated play corner that remains undisturbed, or if you do not intend to travel with your playmat, Parklon’s heavier weight might better suit your needs.

One feature that parents often consider is the thickness of the play mat. The GingerBubs play mat boasts a generous thickness of 1.5cm, surpassing standard mats and offering 25% more cushioning compared to the 1.2cm thick Parklon Baby Play Mat. This additional padding from GingerBubs ensures a softer, more protective surface for your baby during playtime, effectively reducing the impact of falls and tumbles.

The verdict – GingerBubs takes the win here with it’s larger size and thicker play mat than the Parklon baby play mat.

Material and Durability

The GingerBubs mat features PU foam with TPU film, materials that are safe, non-toxic, and free from toxic plasticizers, addressing a major concern for many parents. While this mat may exhibit slight yellowing over time, this minor aesthetic change is often considered a worthwhile trade-off for ensuring a non-toxic play environment. In contrast, Parklon baby play mat opts for non-toxic PVC in its mats, a material known for its durability. Designed with safety in mind, Parklon baby play mat are free from BPA and phthalates, ensuring a safe play space without sacrificing durability. If you would like to read more about PVC, feel free to visit this blog.

In terms of durability, both play mats boast a single-piece construction that prevents the edges from peeling, ideal for enduring the rigors of active play.

The verdict – Both GingerBubs and Parklon baby play mats are constructed from high quality materials and it’s a single piece construct. It’s a draw in this aspect.


When it comes to safety, both brands meet rigorous standards. GingerBubs complies with both European EN-71 Part 1-3 and US CPSIA safety certifications. GingerBubs play mats are free from PVC, flame retardant chemicals, toxic chemicals such as plasticizers, phthalates, cadmium, lead and many more. The play mats match or exceed the play mat quality that is currently out in the market.

Parklon baby play mat counters with its own set of strict safety credentials, adhering to local Korean safety standards.

The verdict – Both play mats adhere to strict safety standards. Its a draw when it comes to safety.


In terms of comfort, both play mats are not only big, comfortable, and cushy enough to lie and sleep on, but it also absorbs impact effectively, cushioning babies’ falls, and is low-maintenance, making it a breeze to clean. Check out the GingerBubs play mat egg drop test and reviews below!

The verdict – Both play mats are have good impact impact absorption and it’s cushy enough to protect your little ones. It’s a draw here.

Aesthetic and Features

For the style-conscious parent, GingerBubs offers a plethora of designs that blend seamlessly with any home décor. Its reversible feature, offering two designs in one, is a plus – perfect for those times you want to change up the play area’s look without additional investment.

Parklon baby play mats, on the other hand, offers reversible designs but focuses more on classic cartoon themes, such as the ‘Ugly Duckling’ and ‘Elephant Star’ themes, that might directly appeal to children. These whimsical designs provide engagement to your little one as they play on it.

The verdict – If you’re looking for an aesthetic play mat, GingerBubs takes the cake here, over Parklon baby play mat

Ease of Maintenance & Storage

Both brands boast an easy-clean surface, a lifesaver for dealing with inevitable spills and messes. However, when it comes to storage, GingerBubs goes a step further for their customers by providing Velcro straps, making rolling up and storing their playmat a breeze. For families with limited space, quickly stowing away the playmat is invaluable. Parklon baby play mats do not come with Velcro straps, and due to its heavier weight, storing them requires additional effort and time.

The verdict – GingerBubs wins here when it comes to storage. Both play mats draw on ease of maintenance.

Customer Care and Returns

Customer service can be the deciding factor for many purchases. GingerBubs understands this, offering dedicated customer support and a generous 14-day no-questions-asked return policy. This commitment to customer satisfaction speaks volumes of the brand’s confidence in their product. Check out our reviews on their customer service!

Parklon, while sold through distributors, offers a standard 7-day return policy with additional return conditions. As the brand becomes more established, its customer service might not remain as personal as that of GingerBubs.

The verdict – GingerBubs wins here when it comes to providing the customers with additional assurance in their online purchase.

Social Proof and Customer Testimonials

In terms of social proof, Parklon boasts a substantial number of positive reviews praising the quality and comfort of its play mats. On the other hand, GingerBubs, a Malaysian brand, receives positive reviews from parents for its aesthetic design, light weight , quality, and customer support. Read them here. 99% of parents who bought GingerBubs play mats love them and rest assured that they are all genuine reviews, verified by a third party review company Judge.me.

The verdict – Parklon wins in this aspect! Being a more established brand, they have more reviews over GingerBubs and thus is able to build better customer trust. However, if you would like support a homegrown brand with a global brand quality, GingerBubs is perfect for your little ones. #sapotlokal

Price Point and Value for Money

When it comes to pricing, GingerBubs is slightly more affordable at RM662.92 with 15% discount for first time purchase. Meanwhile, Parklon baby play mats is priced slightly higher at RM 699.90. Both brands provide free shipping!

The verdict – GingerBubs wins here with a slightly more affordable price.

The Verdict

The choice between GingerBubs and Parklon La Pure play mats will ultimately depend on your priorities for your child’s play area. If you value safety, aesthetics, good customer service, and a lightweight design, GingerBubs is an excellent choice. For those who prefer a heavy play mat and classic designs, Parklon La Pure would be a better suited choice.

In the great playmat debate, it appears that both GingerBubs and Parklon’s La Pure baby play mat emerge as winners, each with its own set of strengths to cater to different family needs. Whichever you choose, rest assured that both offer a safe, comfortable, and engaging space for your child to play and grow

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