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GingerBubs vs. IKEA Play Mat : The Malaysia Play Mat Showdown

When it comes to creating a safe and comfortable play area for our children, selecting the right playmat is crucial. In Malaysia, IKEA is a popular destination for furniture shopping. Hence, for this showdown, we will be comparing play mats from GingerBubs and IKEA.

Head to Head : GingerBubs vs. IKEA Play Mat

Both play mats have their own unique selling points, but which one is truly the best investment for your little one’s playtime? In this showdown, we’ve broken down the comparison into nine key categories to help you make an informed decision. More specifically, we will be comparing IKEA’s PASSBIT play mat against our very own homegrown GingerBubs play mat. Let’s delve into the fine details to determine which one could be the cornerstone of your child’s play area. If you’re wondering why a baby play mat is a must have for your little ones, click here to find out more!

Ikea play mat passbit
GingerBubs Tessera Play Mat

Size and Portability

When it comes to choosing a play mat, size is an important factor to take into account. The GingerBubs play mat offers a generous play area of 140cm by 200cm, providing more space for children to explore and play. Despite its larger dimensions, it weighs only 4.5kg, making it relatively easy to move around. In contrast, the IKEA play mat is slightly smaller at 120 by 225cm and is light, weighing at only 2.88kg.

Another aspect that parents often consider is the thickness of the play mat. The GingerBubs play mat is 1.5cm thick, while the IKEA play mat boasts a thickness of 4.0cm, more than double that of a GingerBubs play mat. However, play mat thickness is not the sole consideration; the material of the play mat also influences its cushioning and shock absorption. For a more detailed comparison of the padding of both play mats, please continue reading below.

The verdict – GingerBubs playmats are slightly bigger but in terms of thickness, IKEA play mat is much thicker.

Material and Durability

In terms of material, IKEA play mat is made with polyethylene foam. It’s a firm, closed-cell foam known for its rigidity and “bounce,”. Due to its rigidity, polyethylene does not distribute fall energy broadly. You could consider this a “shock repelling” foam. On the other hand, GingerBubs play mats are made with Polyurethane foam. This characteristic makes the foam softer and gives it the ability to absorb shock energy better. It does not try to rebound as quickly as polyethylene, and it distributes the energy of the compression more broadly. Hence, the need for IKEA’s playmat to be thicker. Read here for more information on polyethylene and polyurethane!

On durability, IKEA play mat edges are sewn together which makes thread fraying a possibility while the GingerBubs playmats are made as a single piece, with it’s edges heat pressed together. However, one thing that we do like is that it’s cover is made with 90% recycled polyester, which is highlights IKEA’s commitment to sustainability.

IKEA PASSBIT Play mat sewn edges
GingerBubs Play mat heat pressed edges

The verdict – GingerBubs playmat is the winner here. The material has better shock absorption and it’s edges are heat pressed, which allows it to withstand the rigors of playing.


When it comes to safety, both brands adhere to rigorous standards. GingerBubs complies with European EN-71 Parts 1-3 and the US CPSIA safety certifications. Their play mats are free from PVC, flame retardant chemicals, and toxic substances such as plasticizers, phthalates, cadmium, and lead, matching or exceeding the current market quality of play mats.

On the other hand, on IKEA’s website, it is stated that their products have been tested, approved, and are completely free from substances that may harm a child’s skin or health. However, the specific types of tests or standards are not indicated.

The verdict – While we are confident that IKEA, as a large company, would have conducted all the necessary testing, GingerBubs takes the lead in this comparison due to its transparency regarding the tests performed.


In terms of comfort, both GingerBubs and IKEA play mats are not only big, comfortable, and cushy enough to lie and sleep on, but it also absorbs impact effectively, cushioning babies’ falls, and is low-maintenance, making it a breeze to clean. Check out the GingerBubs play mat egg drop test and reviews below!

The verdict – Both play mats are have good impact impact absorption and it’s cushy enough to protect your little ones. It’s a draw here.

Aesthetic and Features

For style-conscious parents, GingerBubs offers a plethora of designs that seamlessly blend with any home décor. Its reversible feature, providing two designs in one, is a plus – perfect for those times when you want to change up the play area’s look without making an additional investment.

On the other hand, IKEA play mats do not offer any reversible designs. However, the play mat comes in three earthy colors that should complement your living space. One thing for parents to consider is that the play mat has two folds in the middle, which may pose a tripping hazard for babies who are just learning to walk.

The verdict – If you’re looking for an aesthetic play mat, GingerBubs wins here, over the IKEA play mat

Ease of Maintenance & Storage

Both play mats have easy-to-clean surfaces and can be cleaned with just soapy water, which is a lifesaver for dealing with inevitable spills and messes. However, when it comes to storage, GingerBubs provides customers with Velcro straps, making it a breeze to roll up and store their playmat. For families with limited space, the ability to quickly stow away the playmat is invaluable. IKEA play mats are rigid and not designed to be rolled. Although they may be challenging to bring along on trips, at home, they can be easily folded and tucked into a corner.

IKEA play mats are rigid and cannot be rolled.

The verdict – Both GingerBubs and IKEA play mats draw on ease of maintenance. However GingerBubs wins when it comes to storage.

Customer Care and Returns

Customer service can be the deciding factor for many purchases. GingerBubs understands this, offering dedicated customer support and a generous 14-day no-questions-asked return policy. This commitment to customer satisfaction speaks volumes of the brand’s confidence in their product. Check out our reviews on their customer service!

IKEA’s has excellent customer service and it’s return policy is broader, allowing for returns within an entire year. However, that requires the product to remain unopened, which could be restrictive once the product is in use.

The verdict – GingerBubs wins here when it comes to providing the customers with additional assurance in their online purchase.

Social Proof and Customer Testimonials

In terms of social proof, IKEA play mat boasts a substantial number of positive reviews praising the quality and comfort of its play mats. On the other hand, GingerBubs, a new Malaysian brand, receives positive reviews from parents for its aesthetic design, light weight , quality, and customer support. Read them here. 99% of parents who bought GingerBubs play mats love them and rest assured that they are all genuine reviews, verified by a third party review company Judge.me.

The verdict – IKEA wins in this aspect! Being a more established brand, they have more reviews over GingerBubs and thus is able to build better customer trust. However, if you would like support a homegrown brand with a global brand quality, GingerBubs is perfect for your little ones. #sapotlokal

Price Point and Value for Money

When it comes to pricing, GingerBubs is initially priced at RM662.92, but there is a 15% discount for the first-time purchase, and shipping is free. Meanwhile, IKEA’s play mat is priced much lower at RM 199.90, but with a shipping fee of RM 98, the total cost comes up to RM297.

The verdict – IKEA play mats wins here with a much cheaper price.

The Verdict

The choice between GingerBubs and IKEA play mats will ultimately depend on your priorities for your child’s play area. If you value a single piece, durable and aesthetics designs, GingerBubs is an excellent choice. For those who are looking for a cheap play mat from a reputable global brand, the IKEA play mat is an alternative to consider.

In the ongoing discussion about playmats, it’s evident that both GingerBubs and IKEA play mats have their merits, addressing various family requirements. Regardless of your choice, you can be confident that both options provide a secure, cozy, and stimulating environment for your child’s playtime and development.

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