I bought my kids the GingerBubs Play Mat for their 3rd birthday. It was the best gift ever! I was worried that it would be too small and difficult for them to move around in, but it is so much fun and easy for them to get around in! My kids love it and we've already had a lot of fun using it. From one mom to another, get the GingerBubs Play Mat! You'll be thanking yourself later. Jennifer Lim Shop now

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Santai Play Mat Large Sand Brown
Nur Fareha Abdul Ghafar
The best play mat!

I bought the Santai Playmat in large size and i really love it! It’s very soft when walking on it, cool to touch, and premium design! It’s easily match with my kids play area. Super comfortable for them to sit or lay on. The playmat is reversible, so you are getting two patterns rather than one. I’ve cleaned milo spill, dragon fruit’s spill and lots of drool off the mat. It doesn’t stain and you can even vacuum on it. Definitely a great purchase!

High quality play mat

We have bought different play mats for our baby and this play mat from Gingerbubs feels much softer, cooler and better quality compared to the normal ones we bought from department stores. The design and colours are all very nice. Definitely would recommend Gingerbubs!

Best choice and investment made

As a new mother, my baby's safety and health is top priority for me. I take in considerations on the playmat's materials (safe for my baby to lick/scratch around) and minimum thickness needed to protect her head. Initially I thought to buy playmat at baby fair, however the prices there either too cheap to believe or too expensive for my bank account. Many people suggested me to buy P*****n since they are trustable brand and has been long in market. Then I came across Gingerbubs, a local brand (I highly support local products)! Their playmats made of safe materials, suitable thickness (1.5cm is good enough and does not break the egg when dropped from a height!) and best part is, their playmats does not break my bank account. Furthermore, the playmats are light weighted so I easily able to bring it go back and forth from/to my hometown. Definitely worth my investment and this is my 2nd purchase from them. Totally recommend this to my mother friends!

Gingerbubs playmat

Nice and good quality playmat, best for tummy time. My son loves it.

Aesthetically pleasing mat

Pleased to receive the mat, which is of high quality and aesthetically pleasing. Will recommend !

Love it

Very happy with the quality and the design and colour. Worth every penny!

LOVE OUR MAT!!!! (From SG)

Been looking for a great playtime may for my LO. Decided to gift ourselves a great investment since she’s turning 4 months soon and needs a safe and comfortable space to practice tummy time. The mat is very comparable to the very famous P****** mat, in fact i prefer this to the latter. It’s 1.5cm thick and super comfy even for adults to sit on for a long time. I’m so happy to have come across Gingerbubs as the designs are much more tasteful and appealing for my home! Oh, since i’m from Singapore, I managed to get from their stockist here. Replies were very fast and I got it within a day. How great!! Foresee spending more time rolling on the mat with my LO now.


My son love it very much, I throw an egg also never break 👍🏾

Great playmat

I like that the Banjaran Playmat is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials. The mat is also waterproof, easy to clean, and well-cushioned for safety. It's generously sized, lightweight, and portable, having a carrying case would be a nice addition. Overall, it's a fantastic playmat and worth every penny

The play mat is light yet durable, happy to support the growth of a local brand. Trust that baby will be able to enjoy and use it babyhood years. A pity that they do not sell extra large sizes, otherwise we would have gotten a bigger one!

The best playmat ever!

I’ve been contemplating on buying Gingerbub’s playmat or the p****** playmat but ended up buying the gingerbubs one instead because of it’s more aesthetic, thicker and lighter! I love that I could move it around easily because it’s lightweight. I put it under my son’s playgym to keep him safe while he plays. I wish Gingerbubs could have it in XXL size because I’d definitely purchase one!

Good customer service

I bought this for a friend as a gift. Everything was arranged nicely and good customer service. They reply to my concern quickly. Hope that will stay the same in the future!

Ginger bud playmat Review by chandra

The ginger bud playmat texture is very smooth and easy to managed! At last I found the right mat for my 5months baby, super satisfied with the purchased! I bought it at babyland. Highly recommended💯🥰

Highly recommended!

As a first time mom, I'd say this is one of the best baby items I've ever purchased! I was reluctant at first because it is quite pricey and keen to buy any thick playmat from shopee. But for the sake of the baby safety and comfort, this is definitely a great investment. We are spending lots of time on the mat playing, bonding and even sleeping! I even performed my pray (solat) on the mat because it is comfortable and soft on my knees. And it is aesthetically pleasing which is a plus plus point!

Beyond expectation

Fast delivery. Responsive to the queries. The quality surprised me given this is a local brand. Will repeat the order upon restock of medium size mat ~ looking forward 🙂 ~

Received the play mat quickly. Overall the play mat feels plush and is not too heavy. Looks quite nice, though are some slight marks which are not too obvious. Looking forward to trying with baby soon!

Good quality playmat

The quality of the mat is good and the price is affordable.. It is nicely padded, light weight which easy for storage and cleaning purposes..We are happy to support local products!

Very comfortable playmat

Purchased santai mat from babyland ss2 and I'm very satisfied with the product. Gingerbubs mat is very soft and cushions baby well. It is very easy to clean up after every use and can be easily rolled up to be transported anywhere!

The dual designs are very pretty and modern, I actualy took sometime to choose the playmat design for my baby because they are all very beautifully designed 😍

Gingerbubs customer service is superb as well because they provide very fast response and answered all my queries. Would recommend all parents to buy the large size mat because it is actually huge enough for baby to crawl and roll around. Definitely no regrets buying this new santai playmat! 😄

Pleasant looking mat

looking for a good mat that goes a long way, and it’s such a nice piece to be placed at home. The thickness is just nice not too thick that might cause imbalance for baby who starts learning to stand and walk. Even adults like to lay on it and it’s so cooling.

One of the best play mat

I absolutely adore this play mat! The quality of the material is outstanding. it's thick and padded, providing a safe and comfortable surface for my baby's tummy time. Additionally, the timeless design seamlessly complements my home decor. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

In love

Now my baby in love with this mat, love this new design, important is easy to clean

Santai Play Mat Large Sand Brown
Best baby playmat ever

Bought a santai playmat.
It is big enough for twin babies, even an adult can join them. Surprisingly gingerbubs playmat is very soft. ( different softness compare to parklon as different material) Personally, I prefer the softness of gingerbubs playmat.
The colour match my house concept (minimalist).
Compare to parklon la pure soft, gingerbubs playmat is lighter (easier for cleaning and moving). This is a very important factor when considering buying a playmat. Because u will need to regularly clean them.

No regret buying gingerbubs playmat. 😁

Love it!

We are very happy with the mat, absolutely in love with the new design and colour too!

Aesthetic and Functional

I absolutely love this playmat that I recently bought! I got attracted to it for its aesthetics, as I wanted the playmat to match my home setting - and it most definitely did! Upon further consultation with the Gingerbubs team, they have graciously assisted me with my queries and recommended that I got the large mat instead of a medium size. At this moment, I feel that it was a right decision as the size is suitable for growing children. The mat is lightweight, easy to carry and clean as well! Good job to the team 😀

Comfortable Mat

Good quality and comfortable mat. My daughter love it so much. The thickness of the mat is just nice for tummy time and take nap.

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