I bought my kids the GingerBubs Play Mat for their 3rd birthday. It was the best gift ever! I was worried that it would be too small and difficult for them to move around in, but it is so much fun and easy for them to get around in! My kids love it and we've already had a lot of fun using it. From one mom to another, get the GingerBubs Play Mat! You'll be thanking yourself later. Jennifer Lim Shop now

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Best Playmat for Toddlers

This is my 3rd play mat purchase, so that should speak to the quality of these mats. I love that they provide just the right padding so even if my toddler falls, it doesn’t hurt. The design is cute and its also not too heavy if you need to move it around. I put it on either side of my L shaped sofa coz my toddler loves climbing and its proven to be an effective way to baby-proof the floors.

Excellent experience

I'm amazed by the purchase experience with Gingerbubs. I was informed that the design I selected has slight defect before delivery and was given discount or exchange options. The playmat is really lightweight which I can carry single handed but steady enough for my 3months old baby once placed on floor. Happy to support such quality local product!

Perfect play mat! ♥️

Thank you for selling this affordable play mat. I’ve been searching this kind of play mat in Malaysia for so long since my first born and finally found this perfect one! The thickness of this mat was perfect and suitable for babies to crawl and play on it. The material was very good. I’m a happy mom 😍 Hurry up and grab yours too! 🤩

Baby’s corner during wake window

Bought this mat for my 2 months old baby as it was recommended by 2 of my friends. We are very happy with our purchase and I know we’re going to use it for as long as we could!

We placed a baby gym on it and our baby enjoy lying on it when he is awake, for easily half and hour or more! We get to rest or read books or play with him <3

Good quality with affordable price!

Bought this slightly flawed larger size mat with a good deal. As a first time mom, my baby safety is always my priority. As a designer, I want something that looks good and contemporary. So lucky, I found this good product and it is a local brand, definitely supporting! By the way, it is a nice backdrop for photo 😉 Now, I going to buy a smaller size for travelling.

Cute and functional play mat

Bought this mat to put next to my sofa as my child is in the toddler stage, climbing everything and jumping everywhere. So figured it’s good to have all floor areas covered including the walkway area next to the sofa. When I put the mat out, my toddler actually started playing lots on it, a space which before has never been used! The mat was so comfy and cute! The 1.5cm thickness is just nice, you don’t need a thicker one. We plan to get another larger one soon for the living area. Would definitely recommend!

Great Quality Playmat For Our Lil One

Excellent quality & durable playmat. Good addition to our baby's playstation. Soft material to prevent injuries & giving necessary comfort for our little one.

Baby and adult like it

I am happy with my purchase this time! Shout out for Malaysian branding🫡

Soft and safe

Everyone loves this mat. Anyone who come to the house surely will ask about the mat. My baby loves to crawl and play on this mat.

Best playmat ever!

Was looking for a good quality mat and came across Gingerbubs. Because I was on a budget I decided to go for the slightly flawed mat and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED OMG. Their customer service was topnotch, letting me know first what was the defect but tbh its barely noticeable when I received it. My baby loves it so much, and I love it too because I actually feel super comfortable when lying on it!! Thank you so much 💖💖💖

A tried-and-tested playmat!

Took me a while to search for a suitable playmat for my baby, and was elated to come across GingerBubs. Their playmats are at par of those used by my other mum friends overseas. Very durable, lightweight but also comfortable enough for both baby and adults to move around on - Worth every dollar as it’s made of quality material and built to last! Have already recommended to my friends too.

Modern Muji Themed Playmats

Lovin the dual design on the playmats which fits perfectly into my home deco. Customer service was extremely helpful and speedy to respond to my queries. Happy to support local company with global standard of product quality~

I am so glad to stumble upon your ig! My baby and i are really in love with the playmat. Not only that it is aesthetically pleasing but the quality is top notch. I can vouch that this playmat is definitely the best choice for kids.

Super Recommended!

I chose this mat because the size is great, not too big compared to others out there. Its hard to find a medium size reliable and good quality mat! The team at gingerbubs was very helpful to answer my queries too. Baby loves being on it, and safely cushions him when he falls down. Easy to wipe & clean too. I wish they continue to make more designs as I'll surely get more for different rooms in my house 🤣

Good Mat for my music class

I use this Mat for my Babies Music class, it very good, the best mat I ever use before. It so comfort for babies to lay down or crawl around. I really like this mats, it's so quality and worth to invest.

Your best choice for Playmat

I’ve been searching for a good playmat for my little one, and I came across GINGERBUBS, which I absolutely love. Firstly, the texture and material are very soft, making it extremely comfortable. It’s also spacious enough for both us and our little one to play on. Secondly, their color series is appealing, and I chose ash grey to match our house furniture. Thirdly, it’s easy to store with the provided strap, preventing it from looking messy when not in use. The mat is also easy to clean and dries up quickly. 👍

I have no regrets about getting the playmat from them. I highly recommend GINGERBUBS to parents looking for a playmat for their little ones. It’s the perfect choice!!! 😊

Worth the amount spent!

Finally got opened the mat after keeping it aside for weeks. Super nice material and our daughters loves it on there. Great with the Velcro straps for easy storage too! Thanks GingerBubs! 🥰💝

2nd purchased!

This is my 2nd purchased of the large blush playmat! Loved it so much. Visitors loved them as well. Cant wait for new design and colors!

Comfortable and classy

There aren’t many mats of medium size out there to fit my small space. Love the design and quality of this!

Soft Fluffy Clous Like Mat

Love the mat, very soft and i dont have to worry if my lil one falls on the mat cause the impact is greatly reduced. Lil One also seem to love the mat with no rash on her compared to previous mats i bought.
The team is also very good and shared what was the defects and all entertained all my questions!

Dream playmat

Honestly i have been looking for a playmat for my baby girl for quite sometime. Comparing material, thickness, size and quality. From low to high price. From local to international. And what convince me to choose gingerbubs is the lightweight material since we might move house quite often, its very convenient. And the thickness as well so my baby wont hurt her head during tummy time. Oh and, this brand has THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MALAYSIA. Like seriously, your service is also the one that convinced me to just buy right now. Keep growing Gingerbubs!

Good Quality Playmat

Extremely good quality for the price! Very happy with the playmat and I highly recommend any parents looking for quality playmat for infants and toddlers.

Lovin it!

I really love this playmat. Love sitting on this mat & my son also love doing his tummy time on this mat. Very soft and comfortable material, the thickness also suitable for kids and baby to play on it. The flaw on this mat also not that bad, and i’m looking forward to buy the large size in the future.

5 star service and high quality product!

I am so happy with my recent purchase of the gingerbubs mat. Special thanks to the team in the prompt arrangement for the delivery, I got the mat on the next day after purchase has been made. The mat is thick, lightweight and comfortable, the design is simple and nice to match with house deco as well. The size of the mat is large enough for my baby to play and learn to crawl on it now. No regret buying this mat at all. Best choice made 👍🏻

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