I bought my kids the GingerBubs Play Mat for their 3rd birthday. It was the best gift ever! I was worried that it would be too small and difficult for them to move around in, but it is so much fun and easy for them to get around in! My kids love it and we've already had a lot of fun using it. From one mom to another, get the GingerBubs Play Mat! You'll be thanking yourself later. Jennifer Lim Shop now

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Minimalist Designs - Non Toxic - Thick Cushion

We understand that creating a safe and stimulating environment for your little one is your top priority. That’s why we are proud to offer a wide selection of premium playmats designed to enhance your baby’s playtime experience.

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Two spacious baby play mat sizes to fit your needs

Medium for children only and large for the whole family to join in the fun!

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Amira, Cheras

Amazing mat and has saved many close calls while babe was learning to sit up


Nur Syazwani, Subang

Love it! We love our Tessera play matt. It’s so soft to sit on with bubba and such a beautiful colour. It goes perfectly in our living room! Highly recommend this product.


Adeline Ng, Penang

Really happy with the quality, feel, look and price!


Acalyn Wong, Johor

We’re so happy with this mat. The material is so soft and easy to wipe down. The design is not only beautiful but very functional. We all love it.

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Minimalist Design - Elevate Your Living Space

Questions? Check out our FAQs!

GingerBubs is a premium non-toxic play mat, made from PU foam and biodegradable TPU film. Our play mats are free from PVC, Flame Retardant chemicals, toxic chemicals such as plasticizers, phthalates, cadmium, lead and many more. We match or exceed the play mat quality that is currently out in the market.

Absolutely! They are safe from babies age 0+ and above.

All our play mats have been tested independently by a third party lab and are compliant with European EN71 and CPSIA USA Toy Standards. They are free from PVC, Flame Retardant chemicals, toxic chemicals such as plasticizers, phthalates, cadmium, lead and many more. You can request for full product testing reports by contacting us on [email protected]

✔️ Wipe clean immediately using a soft damp cloth to avoid staining.
✔️ Gently wipe over using water or warm mild PH balanced soapy water and a soft cloth.
❌ Vigorous rubbing may damage and remove the top layer color.
❌Some baby wipe brands may cause damage or discoloration to the mat’s surface.
❌Avoid using sharp or hot objects on your play mat (high heels, scissors, coffee cups and vacuums, etc.).
❌Do not use products with bleach, alcohol, natural citrus oils or abrasive agents as they may cause causing long term damage / discoloration.
❌High temperatures and direct sunlight will cause discoloration and play mat deterioration.
❌Pens, crayons and permanent markers may leave permanent marks.
❌Heavy furniture (eg, coffee table, chairs, couch) may cause permanent indentations.
❌Pet claws and teeth may cause damage and are not covered under warranty.
❌Do not steam clean.

As our play mats are made using non-toxic materials and free of chemical stabilisers, over time slight fading and discoloration to both the surface and edges of our play mats is to be expected.You might receive the play mats with slightly yellow edges due to the heat applied to the edges during manufacturing. Please be rest assured that the product is not defective but simply a characterisic of TPU materials. Yellowing may be accelerated by hot and humid conditions, prolonged direct sunshine exposure and/or cleaning practices using harsh cleaning agents. We are proud of our non-toxic and environmentally friendly products and want to ensure customers are aware of these colour variations as it is not a product fault.

Our play mats come rolled in a box, so it does take some time for the mat to flatten out. Once you’ve received your play mat, unroll in the opposite direction and it’ll slowly flatten itself.

Though it is rare, you may notice a slight odour when the product is opened for the first time. This is normal for a new product and has been tested to be safe. It is a result of the mat being packaged and is not from the mat material itself. We suggest wiping the surface with a damp cloth. The odour will be 100% completely gone within a week or two. 

Our play mats are not a traditional non-slip mat. Instead they are designed to be used on both sides while still providing cushioning. If you find your play mat slipping on your carpet or hard floors you can place a non slip mat underneath. Alternatively, we also recommend placing it against a wall.

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72 reviews
Best Playmat for Toddlers

This is my 3rd play mat purchase, so that should speak to the quality of these mats. I love that they provide just the right padding so even if my toddler falls, it doesn’t hurt. The design is cute and its also not too heavy if you need to move it around. I put it on either side of my L shaped sofa coz my toddler loves climbing and its proven to be an effective way to baby-proof the floors.

Excellent experience

I'm amazed by the purchase experience with Gingerbubs. I was informed that the design I selected has slight defect before delivery and was given discount or exchange options. The playmat is really lightweight which I can carry single handed but steady enough for my 3months old baby once placed on floor. Happy to support such quality local product!

Perfect play mat! ♥️

Thank you for selling this affordable play mat. I’ve been searching this kind of play mat in Malaysia for so long since my first born and finally found this perfect one! The thickness of this mat was perfect and suitable for babies to crawl and play on it. The material was very good. I’m a happy mom 😍 Hurry up and grab yours too! 🤩

Baby’s corner during wake window

Bought this mat for my 2 months old baby as it was recommended by 2 of my friends. We are very happy with our purchase and I know we’re going to use it for as long as we could!

We placed a baby gym on it and our baby enjoy lying on it when he is awake, for easily half and hour or more! We get to rest or read books or play with him <3

Good quality with affordable price!

Bought this slightly flawed larger size mat with a good deal. As a first time mom, my baby safety is always my priority. As a designer, I want something that looks good and contemporary. So lucky, I found this good product and it is a local brand, definitely supporting! By the way, it is a nice backdrop for photo 😉 Now, I going to buy a smaller size for travelling.

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